Minister Hugh Braxton​ 

From Inside Out Ministries

Peoria, Arizona


While serving in the United States Air Force, Hugh Braxton married the love of his life, Shawnnette M. Braxton, September 23, 1996. They have three beautiful children and two granchildren. Together, along with his wife, Minister Braxton is determined to teach the revelations of God with an emphasis on instructions for everyday living; teaching practical application of God's Word.

Minister Hugh Braxton recognized the call of God on his life, as he served 24 years in the United States Air Force.


All the while serving his country, Braxton served on campus ministries.


Under the leadership of Sr. Pastor Jonathan Logan of Antioch Church of God In Christ -Peroria, Arizona, Braxton served as the Youth Leader, Choir Director and Men's Ministry Leader.


Under the leadership of Pastor John Samson of Faith Community Church -Phoenix, Arizona, Braxton served in the areas of Family and Marriage Ministry, Marriage and Family Cell Group Leader, Music Ministry & Choir Director. In addition, Minister Braxton later served as the Assistant Pastor of FCC.


Under the leadership of Pastor Larry Seratt of Covenant International Church -Glendale, Arizona, Minister Braxton served on the field;  Zone Minister as well as, Pastor's Armor Bearer. 


In October, 2006, Minister Braxton was ordained as Pastor and Inducted as Sr. Pastor 2007 of From Inside Out Ministries, Peoria, Arizona.


Minister Braxton’s no-nonsense approach to the Gospel of the Kingdom is humorous, relevant, and full of passion. His intent is to empower and equip believers to finish their Kingdom Mandate Assignment of going into the World Systems - being a witness before the Lord Jesus returns. 

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