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The Lady Shawnnette

The essence of The Lady Shawnnette is that of love, grace, and compassion. She has a sensitive heart to serve the Lord and others. She is intuitive, curious, a good listener, and value connection. Shawnnette believes in a POWERFUL gospel; one that edify's, uplift and empowers.



Shawnnette's life passion is to help WOMEN break free of the bondages that has held her captive; dealing with its root and not just its symptom. Her aim is to revive hearts through encouragement and truth, as well, equip women to be all that Jesus destined them to be (Ephesians 4:24).


All programs are geared to offer powerful tools that aids in personal development and leadership, 


VIA Coaching & Training: Workshop, Seminar, Conference, Retreat, One on One and Small Group





You can live without chains!

Learn the truths of who you are in Christ and what it means to be a child of God.



Knowing your spiritual identity and position in Christ is the essential truth that will set you free.



  • -The importance of both deliverance and inner healing to your spiritual growth


  • -The principles of salvation as they relate to inner and physical healing


  • -How to recognize sin in your life that you aren't aware of


  • -The influence your will has on your healing.... spirit, soul, and body


  • -And More!


God's desire for you is that you enter the Kingdom life now and experience, explore, apply, practice, and enjoy living with the benefits, promises and privileges of Heaven on earth. Let the adventure begin!


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