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The Lady Shawnnette

The essence of The Lady Shawnnette is that of love, grace, and compassion. She has a sensitive heart to serve the Lord and others. She is intuitive, curious, a good listener, and value connection.


  • The Lady Shawnnette's life passion is to see Women arise in the truth of their true identity in Christ, founded in intimacy with the Father.


  • She believes in "The Healthy You!" Her aim is to revive hearts through encouragement and truth, as well, equip women to be all that Jesus destined them to be (Ephesians 4:24).


  • The Lady Shawnnette believes in a POWERFUL gospel; one that edify's, uplift and empowers.


It's time for the daughters of The King... to find out who they really are, find their approval in Him alone, emerge in His foundation of love, and walk in their Royal authority.

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