The Lady Shawnnette

The essence of Shawnnette is that of love, grace, and compassion. Shawnnette has a sensitive heart to serve the Lord and others. She is intuitive, curious, a good listener, and value connection with her clients.


  • Shawnnette's life passion is to see God's daughters arise in the truth of her true identity in Christ, founded in intimacy with the Father who is deeply in love with her.                                 


  • Shawnnette strongly believes in "The Healthy You" and aim to revive hearts through encouragement and truth. Her mission is to equip His daughters to be all that Jesus has destined for them.    Ephesians 4:24


  • Shawnnette believes in a POWERFUL gospel, one that edify's, uplift and empowers.


It's time for the daughters to find out who they really are, find their approval in Him alone and emerge in His foundation of love and walk in her royal authority.


Today, you will find Shawnnette building communities that calls one to their greatness; communities that will cause one to become their best version of self.


Shawnnette’s goal in community is to create environments where people can see themselves in others conversations, and journey, a space where people feel called to lead, and a place where dreams are born!


Shawnnette has served in many areas of ministry: Assistant Pastor, Womens Ministry Leader, Zone Minister, Small Group Leader, Marriage and Family Advisor, Armor Bearer, Hospitality and Administration, Event Planner and Coordinator. Within each given area, her gifting and talents encourage others to move from where they are to a place of recognition. Shawnnette's passion is to see women break free from abuse and addictive behaviors.

In addition to Shawnnette's service in ministry, she has over 20 years of managerial experience within the Financial and Banking Industry: Vice President in Bankig, Area Manager, Project Manager, Fraud and Investigation Manager, Compliance and Process Revew Manager, Skill Builder -Training Manager, Customer Service Manager and Marketing Representative. Throughout Shawnnette's career and personal engagements, she earned the trust and respect of her clients and employees. Shawnnette is an advisor, counselor, mentor and, most important friend.


Performance Feedback:  


Shawnnette is an action, result based leader who will hold you accountable, speak to the person you are becoming and not to who you have been.


  • Shawnnette delivers support, insight, challenge, and accountability. She keeps individuals motivated, and focused while producing accelerated results.
  • Shawnnette points out things you can't see and give you ideas on how to improve at the same time, motivating you to be your absolute best.
  • Shawnnette will challenge you to go beyond where you normally stop as well, help you tap into your greatness and enable you to share it with others.


Shawnnette is an experienced change agent, an encourager, promoter, advisor, mentor, and friend but most important, she knows how to strip away all layers of superficiality, religious reasoning, and pious pretending. 

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